Inspired by
Sarah in the Summertime, 1947

That Two-Thousand Yard Stare, 1944

The nightclub M-C gave a fifth of Lord Calvert whiskey
To the first guy who could pull pictures from his wallet
Of BOTH his wife AND girlfriend.
Yours was one, the other, my sister.
I clung to that picture and others of you in my head
Caressed through sleepless months
Of boredom and battle
As mine became the mad stare of
A blinded midnight owl.
Fleeting shots danced an endless loop
Harsher, softer than whiskey or war --
The tempting curves of your white body
The breathless gaze of awestruck wonder
That used to light your face when you looked at me --
Before the thunder
Before all our pictures crumbled
In the clamor and dust of dying apart --
I wonder what you'd look like now
What's left of you
Now that the whiskey, too, is gone.