Tom Lea Historical Photographs

July 11, 1907 – January 28, 2001

Young Tom

Young Painter

Tom as a Teenager

Tom with His Father

Eighteen year-old Tom Lea departing for the Art Institute of Chicago, with his father, Tom Lea, Sr. at El Paso's Union Depot, 1924.

Tom Lea, With love to Mother, 1965

Tom in his Studio

Tom Lea following his first wartime tour as a LIFE artist correspondent. On the easel is Coxwain-Argentia Bay, 1941.

Three generations: Tom Lea, Jr., Dick Lea, Tom Lea III

Home from War

Sarah, Tom and Jim on the porch of the family home on Nevada St., El Paso, 1942.

Tom Posing

Tom with Mural Study

Tom Lea in his studio with Design for the Western Frontier: First Phase, 1830-1890, 1935.

Tom with Conquistador Drawing

Tom Lea with full-scale drawing for the Conquistador in his Pass of the North mural for the historic Federal Courthouse in El Paso, 1937.

Tom in his Studio

Tom Lea following his last wartime tour as a LIFE artist correspondent - landing on the island of Peleliu with the 1st battalion 7th Marines. On the easel is The Price, 1944.

Tom in his Studio

Tom Lea following the writing of The Brave Bulls, his first novel (1949), circa 1950.

Tom and Robert Mitchum

Tom Lea as Peebles the barber on the movie set of The Wonderful Country, 1958.

In front of an Easel

Tom and Carl Hertzog

Author Tom Lea and book designer Carl Hertzog with copies of books they worked on together.

Tom and Carl Hertzog

The two friends receiving honorary doctorates.

Tom and Sarah Lea

Tom and Sarah Lea at the El Paso County Historical Society's Hall of Honor celebration in 1975. Special Collections Department, The University of Texas at El Paso Library.

Tom in the West Texas Room

Tom Lea sits beneath his 1936 mural in the Hall of State, Dallas State Fairgrounds with a copy of The Art of Tom Lea (1989).

Sarah and Tom with Gov. and Mrs. George W. Bush

The friends standing in the Governor's office in front of Ranger Escort West of the Pecos, 1965.

Tom at the El Paso Museum of Art

Tom Lea speaking to a friend at the opening of the Tom Lea Gallery at the El Paso Museum of Art, 1997. Photo by Mark Lambdie, The El Paso Times.