Anyway, from Algiers I [went] to Tunis and there I met one of the most interesting and genial men I met during the war, Jimmy Doolittle. He had a villa in a little town north of Tunis, called La Marsa. It was a little Arab village and right on the beach and it was very pretty. He was a friend of C.R.'s and naturally that's how I got in. He invited me up to his place and he said, sure, he'd pose for me. And we spent until nearly three o'clock in the morning, my doing his portrait. And in those days, you know, whiskey was very hard to get, especially overseas. We drank about a fifth of scotch. He had been on the Hornet and so had I.

Tom Lea talking to Adair Margo in Tom Lea, An Oral History, El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1995, p. 79