Portrait of Carl Hertzog 1946, brush and chinese ink, 23" x 17"

Portrait of Carl Hertzog, 1946 Brush and Chinese ink, 23" x 17" © James D. Lea

While I was working in that studio I met some interesting people, craftsmen who influenced my life.] One day Carl Hertzog came up and knocked on the door of my studio there above Norton Brothers. I had never met him and he introduced himself, and I invited him in …Carl had a very, very interesting upbringing. He was born in Lyons, France. His father was a concert musician, and he was traveling with Carl's mother in Europe when Carl was born in France. The father died when Carl was quite young and his mother came back and settled in Pittsburgh and that's where Carl was raised. When he was eight years old, he stuck his nose in the neighborhood print shop and smelled that printer's ink and it got him just like linseed oil got me when I was young...Ten minutes after I first met Carl, he and I were lifetime friends. We just hit it off.

Tom Lea speaking to Adair Margo, published in Tom Lea, An Oral History, El Paso, Texas: Texas Western Press, p. 52.